Software Developer

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Reporting directly to the CIO and based in the operational headquarters of Agio in Norman, Oklahoma, you’ll be a member of te Development Team working with both internal and external customers throughout the United States.

Objectives – Year One

  • Become the primary resource for maintaining and developing software for our clients
  • Attain developer certification


  • Gather internal and external customer requirements to ensure solution design matches expectations
  • Create and present detailed technical proposals to prospective internal and external clients
  • Develop and implement solutions that match the requirements
  • Train internal and external users on how to use the newly developed solution


  • Internal (Agio) Solutions: is Agio’s single pane of glass.  It’s the hub for all information at Agio.  Responsibilities include administering instance, developing improved security controls and reporting, developing internal custom applications and workflows using Apex and the platform, and developing and integrating with 3rd party /client applications
  • External (Client) Solutions: Develop standalone software applications for our clients and integrate them into Agio’s instance. Applications would be build using C#, .net, web services, and SQL databases
  • You will work on multiple projects at the same time with aggressive timelines
  • You will be a master of multi-tasking, using your abilities to prioritize and work effectively on multiple projects throughout the day
  • You will clearly communicate with all stakeholders throughout the process
  • You will develop and maintain C# applications, complex stored procedures and triggers, adobe flex applications, and Apex classes

Applicants must possess:

  • Three (3) years experience developing multi-tiered applications
  • Experience using Visual Studio
  • Strong JavaScript programming experience
  • Strong C# programming experience
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Strong ASP.NET experience
  • Scripting language like Perl or PowerShell
  • Understanding of web services
  • Effective oral and written communication skills

The strongest candidates will also have:

  • Experience developing against a Ticketing System
  • Experience developing in or (APEX)
  • Experience developing with Adobe Flex
  • Source versioning system e.g.: TourtoiseSVN


  • B.S./B.A. degree or relevant experience preferred
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